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Here is Worldline’s space dedicated to operational sharing!

Operational expertize is part of the Worldline history from its begining and the foundation of our values. It is needed to drive business projects, to innovate on our markets and to keep the lead.

In this blog, Worldline teams will share their knowledge, experimentation or feedbacks on operational related topics, nothing about offical Worldline communication. No specific topic is promoted, so writers are free to propose articles covering a wide range of valuable technical aspects of our platforms or services. The content of this blog therefore reflects the diversity of topics and opinions within Worldline.

Hoping this blog will become another inspiring resource for you and your business.

About Worldline

Worldline is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry and #4 player worldwide. Its 20,000 employees working in more than 50 countries play also a major role in the fields of merchant services, mobility, e-administration and major state projects. We work both on the development of products and shared services, and on the construction of bespoke solutions that are the closest to our customers’ needs.

Today, the DevOps movement is reinforcing Worldline’s “Build to Run” culture. Indeed, we have always provided our customers with an end-to-end collaboration including: business analysis and support; software / UX-UI / technical design; software development; dedicated or cloud-based hosting; and technical and business service management.

Open Source, Software Craftsmanship, and the Agile and DevOps approaches are key characteristics of our projects. The associated methodologies, techniques and technologies are naturally reflected in Worldline’s culture: they are at the heart of our strategies, organisations and platforms.

Continuous improvement is reinforced by the development of a strong enterprise culture, of expertise and experiences since we work exclusively from our own premises and do not operate in T&M mode at external locations. Beyond our R&D entity, we also develop expertise and innovation thanks to a large network of technical, project and business experts coming from all of our teams. Our experts can thus spend up to 20% of their time developing their area of expertise and sharing knowledge internally and within external communities.

In addition, Worldline pays particular attention to the development of each employee and offers a wide range of training courses, coding dojos, as well as national or international internal and external conferences. We promote a good work/life balance with for example 32 to 35 days of paid vacation depending on seniority. We also pay special attention to gender equality and diversity.

Finally, the diversity of projects, clients and challenges that we address provides a great business and technological wealth. It enables everyone to contribute to the construction of ambitious functional and technical solutions. Our organisation thus relies on teams with extremely varied profiles that are capable of understanding multiple business areas, methodologies, technologies and solutions.

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