Discovering our Experts - Interview of Jurjen Bos

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Discovering our Experts

The Worldline Experts Community is part of Worldline for years now, and already evolved many times through the onboarding of new experts each and every year.

In order to appreciate the richness and diversity of this group of Experts within Worldline, we had the idea to conduct some interviews, and try to learn more about the people being part of the community. Discovering their background, their topic of expertise, but also any information they think is worth sharing, those interviews are a nice way to discover the Experts from Worldline, and maybe a good conversation starter!

Meeting Jurjen Bos

During this interview, we had the pleasure to discuss with Jurjen Bos, a cryptography expert located in the Netherlands, who participated in lots of our events as a speaker. From his background to his advices regarding embracing security and cryptography as a career, to interesting discussions about quantum cryptography or even his crazy project of entierly building a computer from scratch, you’ll get to discover Jurjen in that video, and get to know more about our community.

Here’s the video of the interview:

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Antoine Neveux

I write code and catch Pokemons.

Jurjen N.E. Bos

Cryptography Specialist