All Things Quantum (TeX Show Replay)

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The TeX Show?

After 10 years of organizing the TechForum (an internal event within Worldline gathering more than 900 attendees to discover around 50 conferences animated by Worldliners from all around the world during 2 days), a global pandemic made events’ organizers imagine new ways of sharing discoveries and learning experiences within the company.

This is basically how the TeX Show was born: it is a digital and distributed event based on all the conferences which were supposed to be presented at the TechForum 2020. Based on a mix of live streaming sessions and pre-recorded videos, the TeX Show is the occasion for Worldliners to present their achievements and discoveries to their peers, and to learn from each others.

After weeks working on that new challenge, and thanks to the support and sponsorship of our partners GitLab, Checkpoint, and AWS, the TeX Show offers to Worldliners more than 80 sessions presented by 140 speakers from the company, during the whole month of October!

Multiple topics are covered by the conferences: from AI to UX, security, web development, agile methodologies… And guess what? We decided to share with you a small selection of sessions so you can discover our event as well! So please enjoy this first one, and let us know what you think.

All Things Quantum

Jurjen Bos is a cryptography expert here at Worldline, and he’s of course following the news around quantum computing and its impact on cryptography. During this conference, Jurjen wanted to go behind the hype and to take some time to explain us what are quantum computers, what is their impact on cryptography, and what can we expect in the future regarding those topics.

Here’s the description Jurjen shared with us about his presentation:

You’ve probably heard it already: the quantum computer is going to be corona virus of cryptography. In this talk, I’ll separate the hype from the facts, and gently introduce you to all things crypto:

  • Quantum cryptography
  • Quantum computers
  • Quantum key exchange
  • Post-quantum cryptography I’ll explain the connections between the notions and help you to protect your assets before it is too late.

And here’s the video of the conference:

We hope you enjoyed it, don’t hesitate to follow our twitter account to get notified about the publication of our next conferences.

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Antoine Neveux

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Jurjen N.E. Bos

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