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Github is free for teams

Since Github has been acquired by Microsoft, many features have been published and have become free, even for teams. Now making private repositories with unlimited collaborators is free.

Github is free for teams

Mutation testing with sonarqube

Nowadays, mutation testing is getting more popular with the adoption of frameworks such as pitest. This article exposes how to deal with mutation tests on sonarqube.

Mutation testing with sonarqube

This class is too large !

This “back-to-basics” articles explores how to refactor a big class. This kind of article is still worthly.

This class is too large

COVID-19 is accelerating CI/CD adoption

Companies recognized the need to improve their development workflow years ago. With developers forced to work remotely, they’re finally moving. In this article, the author interviews the CircleCI CEO and talk about this trend.

COVID-19 is accelerating CI/CD adoption

CI Test Automation Strategy

This conversation between Dr. Nicole Forsgren of Google Cloud and Angie Jones of Applitools reveals some of the considerations for a CI test strategy.

CI Test Automation Strategy

What are the software architecture trends nowadays ? Microservices, datamesh, blockchain ? InfoQ editors summarize in this article software architecture trends’s key takeways for 2020.

Software architecture trends for 2020

Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches

Martin Fowler realized a set of articles about managing source code branches with decentralized source code management systems such as GIT. Beyond the typical ways to handle git workflows, Martin Fowler exposes the pros and cons and the impact for CI/CD integrations.

Branching Patterns

New SRE reference book

Google released a new SRE reference book: “Building Secure and Reliable Systems” where Google shares its best practices for designing scalable, reliable and secure systems.

SRE Book

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