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Mirantis acquires Docker Enterprise

Mirantis acquired this month Docker Enterprise Technology Platform and all associated technologies: Docker Enterprise Engine, Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Unified Control Plane and Docker CLI. Mirantis will also inherit all Docker Enterprise customers and contracts.

Docker Inc will continue to exist focusing on Docker Hub and Docker Desktop tools.

What We Announced Today and Why it Matters

Talk first, Code later

If you are a developer, you hardly ever code alone. Often you are in a team with other people such as developers, of product owners. This article shows how is important to dialog within a team and some guidelines.

Talk First, Code Later

Java Feature Spotlight: Local Variable Type Inference

If you’re familiar with JAVA ecosystem, you should already heard about the JAVA language architect Brian Goetz. In this article, he describes a J2SE 10 new feature :Local type inference. He also gives some advices such as choosing good variable names.

Java local variable type inference

Google gathered personal health data on millions of americans

For few years, GAFA companies have been working on health datas to expand their business. Up to now, they have only been gathered personal health data though applications such as google fit. Now, Google takes a step forward by gathering and analyzing patient records for Ascension the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S.

Google Secretly Tests Medical Records Search Tool On Nation’s Largest Nonprofit Health System, Documents Show

12 Common Mistakes and Missed Optimization Opportunities in SQL

Use of indices on tables is the most known optimization. But minding your queries could enhance a lot response times. A nice overview of 12 sql optimizations.

SQL do’s and dont’s

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