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Rendering on the Web

A precise and easy to read explanation of methods web developpers use to render content. Server rendering, Static rendering, Client side rendering, everything you need to know and understand before deciding the way your app will handle rendering.

Goodbye Docker and Thanks for all the Fish

Interesting point of view of what Docker is today et will be in the future. It is obviously his opinion but with the Open Container Initiative, the runtime war has started. Docker could still exist in the next years ?

What happened to OpenStack?

All new technologies follows the hype curve. Then what’s up with Openstack? In the down slope? Nice post about the state of OpenStack today


In a few weeks Quarkus a spawn a lot of interest. Red Hat made a big move by creating a “framework” to work with GraalVM and made easier application development with it. An introduction by Emmanuel Bernard gives some insights and the official website

F5 acquires Nginx

The best reverse proxy has been bought by F5. The idea is to provide a complete stack for routing, and they call it netops. Let’s see!

Nginx configurator

Still about Nginx, a nice website for configuring Nginx. Lots of options to choose from, to create a good start for your Nginx config files. Have a look

Why ‘ji32k7au4a83’ Is a Remarkably Common Password

Last but not least, a little bit of security. We all know common passwords to avoid but from leaked password, the most common is ji32k7au4a83. Why is that? Find out here

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