December digest

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Happy new year! To start 2019, a new digest of December posts. Have a good read!

Microsoft adopts Chromium for its Edge Navigator

It is now official, Microsoft drops its HTML and JavaScript engines and replaces them with Chromium (Blink and V8)! Web development should become easier now… Blink (the Chromium rendering engine) might become hegemovic though, as highlighted by the Mozilla foundation. An interested intended result is the support for many new Web extensions by Microsoft Edge.

Tips for IntelliJ IDEA debugging

IDEA has everything, we already know that ;) And yet, you can discover new features! These one are about debugging. Some nice cool tricks, really handy in a complicated debugging session

SSH for noobs

You always need to SSH somewhere. But are you sure about the flags and how to do stuff. Here is 22 tips from beginner to advanced. Bookmark time!

High performance JPA Tips

Cool post about JPA tuning. Some tips are classic tuning and some more complex. Still a good place when having performance problems (and indeices do not solve them)

Netflix converging towards Spring Cloud

Netflix has made lots of OSS projects for cloud development, especially in microservices architecture (Eureka, Hystrix, Ribbon…). Past years, Spring Cloud included most of them and try and implement custom solutions. In this post, Netflix explains how they now use Spring Boot and Cloud in their own products. A good collaboration between Spring and Netflix made the transition easier. Moreover, Netflix will try and contribute on Spring Cloud projects.

What about 100% coverage

Lots of discussions about coverage are still alive. And this post The myth of 100% coverage, covers (pun intented) the matter. A step back on unit tests, functional tests to give a good overview of the absurdity of 100% coverage without context. Do you mean cover all the code or business cases.

DevOps team: is my team good or bad? o_O

Nice site which lists DevOps team topology. Different combinations are exposed (good and bad) with the potential effectiveness and for which organization it could profit. A first step to reorganize in a DevOps fashion.

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