November digest

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Here is a digest of interesting posts we found the last month and we wanted to share with you. Have a good read!

IBM acquires Red Hat

The biggest acquisition IBM ever made: Red Hat! Its value is estimated around 34 billions dollars.

The official anouncement states:

  • Most significant tech acquisition of 2018 will unlock true value of cloud for business
  • IBM and Red Hat to provide open approach to cloud, featuring unprecedented security and portability across multiple clouds
  • Deal accelerates IBM’s high-value business model, making IBM the #1 hybrid cloud provider in an emerging $1 trillion growth market
  • Acquisition will be free cash flow and gross margin accretive within 12 months, accelerate revenue growth and support a solid and growing dividend
  • IBM to maintain Red Hat’s open source innovation legacy, scaling its vast technology portfolio and empowering its widespread developer community
  • Red Hat to operate as a distinct unit within IBM’s Hybrid Cloud team

Red Hat president and CEO Jim Whitehurst writes in a blog post : Open source, open formats, and open standards have not only changed technology; they have also changed our society for the good. Red Hat’s role in all of that cannot be understated. With IBM, we have the opportunity to accelerate this work at a greater scale and show everyone that open really does unlock the world’s potential.

Sacha Labourey, Cloubees founder and CEO (and former general manager of Red Hat’s middleware division) predicted that Red Hat was to be acquired… by Google. His analysis is quite interesting. He finishes with: It will be on IBM to prove this acquisition can transform them into “the new IBM.”

Chaos engineering

Here is an introduction of Chaos engineering or Art of breaking everything in your application.

To stress your application, you can inject many request. Ok, it’s the first step. But have you ever thought about introducing latency between your APIs ? Pumba will help you …

Devoxx Belgium 2018 - Relive the event

For those who could not attend this 17th edition:

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