September digest

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Here is a digest of interesting posts we found the last month and we wanted to share with you. Have a good read!


Who really understands CORS? You think you do ? Then read this to see! And if you don’t, read it too! Lots of good insight on why it exists and the problems solved by it.


But what is exactly GraalVM?

GraalVM is one of the new buzzword in the Java ecosystem. It aims to be a high performance polyglot VM which is quite vague at first glance.

What is it exactly:

  • an alternative to the Java Virtual Machine?
  • a JIT (Just In Time complier) compiler?
  • an AOT (Ahead Of Time) compiler?
  • a language interpreter?
  • all that together?

If like me, you’re a bit lost about the scope and ambition of this project, take a look at this GraalVM article from Java Magazine September issue.

ServiceMesh: the future microservice architectures?

The concept of ServiceMesh appeared a few months ago, popularized by Istio an Open Source backed by IBM and Google. In a nutshell, a Service Mesh externalizes the microservice technical plumbing from the business code by using the side-car pattern. It is worth reading the official documentation to have a clear view on it.

Since July 31 2018, Istio is officially production-ready.

DataViz : The map we need if we want to think about how global living conditions are changing

An interesting and different view of actual world repartition of population.

Migration guide to Java 11

Indeed Java 11 is out. Time to change so a little help to migrate correctly

Java 11 Migration guide

And one more, all the new features of Java 11

90 new features of Java 11

Intellij IDEA integrates a profiler!

In the Java world, JProfiler is the best profiler. But it is licensed and no special Open source profiler is good enough. Jetbrains makes a move to implement a profiler in IDEA in their last EAP. That is a good news, give it a try.

IDEA 2018.3 EAP

Arthas : Java diagnosis tool

A good tool to have some insights of your running application. Class decompilation on the fly, trace invocation, statistics on method calls and so on. Lots of useful features !


Postgresql 11 is right around the corner

And a new version of Postgresql with performance enhancement for column addition, parallelism and a JIT!

A first look at Postgresql 11

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