August digest

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Here is a digest of interesting posts we found the last month and we wanted to share with you. Have a good read!

Hibernate entity lifecycle

Simply the best Spring resource blog, Baeldung, here is an article about Hibernate and what is the entity’s lifecycle. Mainly a remainder of how Hibernate handles entities throughout an application. It explains the low APIs of transaction and session and why some problems can occur when you do not really understand how Hibernate works. A good one to refresh your memory on the matter.

Hibernate entity lifecycle

Spring Boot Security best practices

Prepare your printer and some pins! A nice cheat sheet on Security with Spring. It covers the basics of setting security in Spring Boot but as it is always a pain, you have this cheat sheet to help!

Spring Boot security best practices

Kubernetes & Traefik 101 - When Simplicity Matters

And now some hype with Kubernetes. A good and simple introduction to the Kubernetes’ lingo (node, pod and so on). Add a touch of Traefik for ingress controller and you have a good tutorial. A must-read!

Kubernetes Traefik 101: when simplicity matters

Migrating your Library to Java Modules

Yes, Java9 has been here for quite some time but it seems the shift has not really been done. Hence an article on modules in the Java Magazine of July/August. A nice to tutorial to guide you in your library transformation.

Migrating your Library to Java Modules

Working with timezones

Another pain for most projects: timezones. The goal of this post is not to tell you how to use it but gives insights about the problems that could happen. Graphs are a good mean to visualize those problems. A good read!

Working with timezones

GraphQL everywhere

GraphQL is on the roll and the trend is not about to reverse. There are more and more good tutorials and articles about the subject. Here is a short compilation:

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